Seven Things to Expect from Our 2018 Summer Boxes

When summer times in bloom so is our children’s sense of adventure, whether it be exploring through the woods as the sun glistens in past the trees, or constructing masterpieces on a beach somewhere, its the season to get out there and discover the wonders of the great outdoors.

And my pocket money toy has kept this in mind when putting together 2018’s summer boxes. 

Here are some of the amazing things your child can expect to discover when they prize open this seasons must have Summer holiday box!

Planes, trains and Elephants 


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For many, the much anticipated family holiday is soon upon us, its nearly time to get the luggage packed, weighed and off to the airport to jet away for a blissful time away with our families.

For kids these magical journeys to foreign lands, are full of excitement and joy. From the awe of seeing the jumbo jets take off and land, from the amusement of soaring high above the clouds.

 This summer our box will continue this wonderment of travel with Phileas Fogg and his journey around the world in eighty days.

The specially adapted kids version of the famous book will take your child on trains across Africa and a trek through the Indian jungle on an Elephant. Let your child fall in love with travel with this book!

Find this in the 6-8 years box.

Japanese Shape Shifting 


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There are many scenarios where engaging in the traditional Japanese practice of origami might just keep your children occupied this summer.

A rainy day in the house, or a long train journey to see relatives, all you need is a table and the patience to watch your children figure out the twists turns and folds needed to give a marvellous end product.

Create sea creatures, birds or penguins and watch the flat shapes come to life, with a little bit of Japanese shape shifting this summer!

Find the beautiful Djeco origami kit in the 6-8 years box.

Zoom In! 

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The long summer days are upon us and with this brings a whole host of interesting things to see.

There’s a whole magical world out there that your children will become engrossed with and what better way to take the great outdoors than with their very own magnifying glass, to see all the spots on a ladybug, or all vibrant colours of the garden.

The mini magnifying glass can be found in the 3-5 years and 6-8 years box.

Magic Bubbles

Back this year again by popular demand is this amazing Bubble Gun. Kids are sure to be dazzled by the magic of this device which will blow out bubbles for them to chase, and lets not forget,  less chance of soaking mum and dad than what a water gun has! 

Find the bubble gun in the 3-5 years box.

Mischief with Matilda 

Again one for a rainy day or during a long commute, there is mischief and fun to be had with Roal Dahl’s Matilda as she needs all the help she can get to stack ninety-nine books!

But don’t worry, they aren’t real books – but they are puzzles and sums to keep your own little maths genius showing off sum of their skills they’ve been learning at school as they can help Matilda get to the top of the class!

Part of the 6-8 years box.

Stay Cool 

Whilst the country experiences one of the hottest summers of recent years, there is a definite need to cool off in between those long spells enjoying the sun, and whilst its important to get plenty of fluids in the shade - this can be turned into some amazing entertaining fun too with the ice cube challenge. 

A lot less extreme than the ice bucket challenge of a few years ago, this will involves a race against time to get the ice cubes stacked up into a shape before it melts, and in this heatwave that will take some amount of skill, who's up for the challenge? 

Test yourself - this can be found in the 9-12 years box.

Something wicked! 

What child wouldn't love a giant bouncy red ball.  This ball can fit snug into any luggage and can be inflated on arrival to an incredible 1.14 meters in diameter! The Wicked Mega Bounce is perfect for poolside or garden fun, a simple but essential part of this year's Summer box.  Find the Mega Bounce in the 6-8 years box.

Content by Ryan Thom.

Posted June 27th at 4:07pm