Take a look inside My Pocket Money Toy's Christmas Eve Boxes 2018

They say it's the most wonderful time of the year, and My Pocket Money Toy’s Christmas Eve boxes are the most wonderful pre – Christmas gift packed full of amazing Christmas treats to suit all the family.

Our boxes are available for children of all ages as well as our adult box which comes with unique Christmas socks and gourmet hot chocolate so the whole family can cosy up together on Christmas Eve.

Here we look inside the My Pocket Money Toy 3-5 year old Christmas Eve box and what your and your child can expect when they open our most wonderful box yet! 

Tiny Christmas socks 

The Christmas socks from little blue house, are absolutely gorgeous. Ideal for keeping your child’s tiny feet nice and warm on Christmas Eve.

Gourmet  chocolate treats 

It just wouldn't be Christmas Eve without a chocolatey treat. The My Pocket Money Toy Christmas Eve box comes with a special chocolate star, from the gourmet chocolate pizza company, yum yum.
And the handmade Belgian chocolate from Mo Me will make the perfect cuppa of the most deluxe hot chocolate drink to cosy up on the couch with.

Sparkly Magic Play Foam 

Your child will love the no mess squishy play foam which comes in two sparkly colours! 

Jigsaw Opposites

Your child will love Jigsaw Opposites by BrainBox - a brilliant visual memory jigsaw where your children can make up the jigsaw in line with the opposite picture. Whether it’s hot and cold, up and down, wet and dry each jigsaw piece will has three questions which give away the clue to what the next jigsaw piece will be.

Don’t Forget the Reindeers!

We have made sure to add a touch of Christmas magic in our box. Simply sprinkle the special food outside in the garden or on the step and let the bright sparkly dust guide Rudolph and the rest of the gang straight to your front door.

Get Creative 

Get creative with over 20 animals to colour in with a collection stickers to use on every page!

And use Knight Stencils to create amazing picture, creating endless fun whilst mummy or daddy get the last minute preparation done on the Christmas dinner.

Bed Time Story

Go on an adventure with Winnie the Witch and Santa Claus, as Winnie and her black cat Wilbur swap trick or treating for helping out Santa deliver all the presents before Christmas. The book by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul is wonderfully illustrated and makes for the ideal Christmas Eve bedtime story.

Cuddle Up 

After the bedtime story, your child can cuddle up with a unique cuddly toy from Wilberry! 


Merry Christmas everyone! 

Posted December 4th at 9:57pm