‘I was looking for a subscription service for my children and tried a few but they were all craft based and many just didn’t hold my children's interest.  I came across My pocket money toy and ordered a one off box for my daughter. It was fantastic and she loved opening the gifts inside. My little girl had so much fun opening it up and was thrilled with the contents.  Because it went down so well I took out a subscription for both my little girl who is 7 and my son, who has just turned 4. They look forward to their boxes arriving each month and the contents are always different and set to a fun theme.  There has been such a variety of toys from special pens and craft sets to games and jigsaws, some of which I have never seen before. Every box is beautifully presented, with a personalised note, glittery shredding and each gift individually wrapped, making the opening experience as much fun as the toys inside. There has so far always been between 3 and 5 items in every box, and nothing that they haven’t liked. ‘ Natalie, Rushden

‘Faye was delighted with the gifts in her box!  Perfectly matched to her age group, we have had great fun! She has really enjoyed her story at bedtime, developed her turn-taking skills with the brilliant game and has patiently waited for her pink unicorn to ‘hatch’!!! What a super box of goodies - beautifully personalised and packaged. Many thanks - this box made a 3 and 3 quarter year old little girl very happy indeed.’ Mandy, Glasgow

'What a superb concept - I don't have to fret about how to entertain our 4 and 6 year old when a box arrives full of brilliant goodies.  And no tat!  Awesome. Plus we found the holiday box was great for when away - helping entertain them on the plane and once abroad giving us time out when too hot to be playing out in the sunshine.' Charlie, London.

'MyPocketMoneyToy is such a brilliant idea. You can subscribe and have a box of fun delivered every month or buy a one off box. Each box is tailored made. You choose the age group required, boy,girl or neutral and for how long you'd like the subscription. Et-Viola a box jammed packed full of high-quality children's books, games, puzzles or toys will be delivered right to your doorstep. Genius ❤️ Would also be a fantastic present. Definitely give you top Auntie/Uncle brownie points!' Amanda, London.

'My daughter was given a 3 month subscription of My Pocket Money Toy boxes for her birthday and loves it when they arrive! We just found one hidden by the postman in the garage. Super little toys which I'm going to hide away until our ✈️ journey!' Elaine, Cheshire.

'Just received Jude's Summer Holiday Box and it's fantastic. Loads of fun and educational toys to keep him and myself amused for hours. The box was packaged lovely and the novelty of Jude receiving his own special box was exciting in itself. His wee excited face when he realised that it was for him and not another package from Amazon for Mummy!  Overall a brilliant idea and I would highly recommend buying for your children or a unique gift for someone else.' Darelle, Glasgow.

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